AI and Data Privacy Protection in the Workplace

September 11, 2019 0 Comments

AI and Data Privacy Protection in the Workplace

Common Work Surveillance

Monitoring employees at work is nothing new. We already do it without thinking twice.

  • Factory workers clock in and out of their shifts
  • IT departments monitor website activity
  • Agencies and law firms track work by hour
  • Customer service groups record and review phone calls

Productivity Work Efficiency

New Developments in AI Surveillance

Technologies are being developed to better track worker activity

  • Amazon has invented a wristband that tracks hand movements of warehouse workers. It also uses vibrations to nudge them into being more efficient.
  • Software firm Workaday processes over 60 factors to predict which employees will leave.
  • Startup Humanyze makes ID badges that track employees around the office and reveal how well they interact with coworkers.
  • Slack messaging app helps managers measure task completion speed.
  • Companies pass out FitBits to monitor physical activity for insurance purposes and encourage active lifestyles.

Time Savings from AI

Every year at steel processor SPS Companies, its 600 employees fill out a 30-minute confidential survey that asks if they feel supported by their managers and valued by the organization. They use AI to analyze responses instead of combing through surveys by hand.

A similar company surveyed employees and used…

  • 6 HR staffers to analyze surveys
  • 3 months to compile data
  • 3,500 surveys reviewed
  • 5 months for managers to create action plans
  • 9 months from start to finish

Other Benefits of AI Monitoring

Technologies are being developed to better track worker activity.

  • Data from trackable badges can measure if the office layout helps or hinders collaboration.
  • Companies can see when workers are misbehaving or sleeping on the job.
  • AI can more effectively screen for red flags in expense reports.
  • Checks for safety gear and accidents can be more attentively made by AI.
  • Biases can be removed from the hiring process with complex resume-scanning algorithms.
  • Algorithms can highlight pay differences between genders and races.

The following information is from the Novatio Solutions Whitepaper “AI and Data Privacy Protection: Recognizing Fears, Appreciating Benefits.” Download the full report at to gain insights on the role of artificial intelligence in data privacy.

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Imani Moise, March 28, 2018