Happy Valentine’s Day Robo Dog!

Gokul Solai February 14, 2022 0 Comments

One of the cutest commercials from the Super Bowl involved Robo Dog and the new electric Kia Car. Robo Dog is envious of his real-world counterparts’ relationship with humans, so he leaves his storefront perch to pursue the same relationship with the driver of the electric Kia (https://lnkd.in/er5_Nte6).


Robo Dog’s persistence and loyalty are clearly on display as he jumps from rooftop to rooftop to track down his potential new owner. The commercial climaxes when Robo Dog leaps off a rooftop towards his new owner, only to run out of batteries mid-way. The screen goes blank, and then we see the owner saving Robo Dog’s “life” by charging him back to “health” with his Kia.  The commercial concludes, and we are led to believe a lifetime relationship of compassion ensues.  Robo Dog is super cute, and no doubt this was my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl. But could I love a robotic dog? It’s not too far from a real scenario as humans and technology are symbiotically tackling obstacles in the workforce and socially. IoT Technology is helping citizens remain healthier by monitoring their health.  Multiple intelligent automation solutions help humans work more efficiently to get home to their families earlier. Conversational AI can even talk to humans to help them receive vital aid.  These examples show that technology can Touch (IoT), See (computer vision), and hear (conversational AI) for us. But can it replace the sense of love?Even the technologist in me is highly skeptical that Robo Dog could replace my love for dogs. But I can imagine Robo Dog being involved with my family in several ways — helping my kids study, running simple tasks for us, and keeping us safe at home — all things my mini golden doodles struggle to do.  If Robo Dog were only $299 as he is in the commercial, an amazon drone would drop him at my doorstep this morning.Until then, back to showing our love with flowers, balloons, and fixed price dinners

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